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Hello! Welcome to my "new" blog! I figured, since I have changed the name of my blog, I needed to change my blog's URL too! Bunny Rose Cottage is a part of my past. A very good part. I had so many wonderful memories in that home and in that part of my life. But my life has changed, a lot. And it is time to change my blog address too, not just the name :) Thank you so much for finding me here. I hope you will continue to follow my journey, here on this blog. I love all of my followers and I don't wamt tp lose any of you :) I merged all of the posts from my other blog to this one, so it is basically the same blog but with a different web address :) Love to you all and again, thank you!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

inspiration through the winter part 2

Wow, can you believe it is February?? 
Twenty four more days until March :)  In my last post, I had started a little series about being inspired during the winter.  I cant be outside, doing the things I want to do right now.  But I can plan for spring and create pretty things inside my home to celebrate my favorite season.

Last winter, I purchased a book by Jeanne d' Arc Living called Fairytale Easter.  It is my absolute favorite book.  Full of inspiration and eye candy.  But it is also full of information!

My very very favorite holiday is Easter.  As the passage in the book says, it is the most important celebration in the Christian church.  Easter means so many things to me.  It is a time to rejoice.  I like to celebrate as grand as most people do for Christmas.  Easter is not near as commercialized.  I feel more free to celebrate the way I want to as opposed to the way I feel I have to.  I don't get that feeling at Christmastime, sadly.  I feel "forced" with Christmas and the true meaning gets lost.  Trying to be as good as everyone else with decor and things (mostly because of blogs!!).

I adore bunnies and have nearly 200 of them around my house!  Including three live ones :)  Bunnies are stress relievers, so calming.  You see little baby bunnies out and about in the spring which is a time of rebirth and new beginnings.  Another reason I love spring and Easter so much.
Hard to believe but in Fairytale Easter it says bunnies used to be a sign of evil!  How could those precious little fur balls ever be considered evil??  Thankfully that is no longer the case!!  But even if it was, I would never believe it!
Aren't the bunny eggs above cute?  Love them :)

This photo is actually from my JDA perpetual calendar, Days To Remember.  But it is so beautiful.  They have the prettiest eggs!!  I am so inspired by them.  And you cant find eggs like that in stores.  I do own a set of JDA Easter eggs.  They are to die for!!!  I will show them closer to Easter.  I showed them last February on my blog also.

Another gorgeous egg! the use of vintage lace and papers on this one.  It matches the napkins I used on my puffy hearts.  Luckily, I still have some of them :)

Last year  I redid 24 paper mache eggs.  They were the size of  regular chicken eggs.  This year, I wanted to do some of the large egg boxes shown in the book.  So far, I have bought two of them that are already white.  I'd like to get a few more.


We are gearing up for more snow starting tonight.  The perfect time to create spring things :)
Thank you for visiting me today!!
XO, Amy




  1. Hi Amy,
    I just popped over from Kerrie's blog... and am now following yours! :)
    I love JDL... and everything French Nordic. I have been wanting to try making the larger paper mache eggs too. You've inspired me to write down what I'll need next time I go to the city.
    Happy day to you and yours,

  2. Hi sweetie... love all these pretty photos you have shown... I too have my Fairytale Easter book out and hope to create some things this week while I am taking a break from posting (but still visiting you!)... I guess I did not read that part about bunnies once being thought of as evil... no way!... they are the softest, most gentle creatures... and I have many throughout my home too, alot of them YOU created for me!... we are getting pounded with snow as I type... sorry you are too... but like you said, we can stay cosy and warm inside and created our pretty Springtime things... I am like you, I do still like Christmas, but not as much as when I was a child... Easter is such a beautiful time... and I love everything single thing about it... can't wait to see the new eggs you create... love you!... xoxo Julie

  3. This is a wonderful post! I do not have any of JDL 's books but I saw that a new one is coming out this May. I just bought a grey scarf on sale JDL at the Little Cottage Shoppe. I wish I could purchase the wall art poster in my blog post but 100 dollars is still too high a price for me. Where do you buy all of your JDL products? I love bunnies as pets and guinea pigs. We have had both. Our bunny was Tilly Blue We had her when my first two children were wee ones. How many bunnis do you have? Your gift is being mailed today! Xxo Kerrie

  4. We love images of rabbits. We miss the cottontails. There are lots of them in desert, but not in the city. Thoughtful post.

  5. Amy, I am loving your posts.
    Coming to visit you makes me smile! {thank u}
    I love all the pretty eggs... where did you find the big 2 piece eggs? I'd like to make a few for friends! and me :-)
    Summer will be here soon! I keep telling myself its coming soon! {like you I am having a hard time with the cold and being cooped up for days into weeks!}
    Winter can leave now LOL

    Oh Oh Oh I think I stopped breathing for a sec when I read bunnys were considered EVIL????? really who would ever say or think that? They surly have never owned and loved a bunny! Bunnys are angels with floppy ears and a cotton tail! :-)

    Stay warm sweets,

  6. Hi Amy, your projects are so beautiful. I have already done a lot with paper mache eggs too. Such a fun media to work with. I just received my JDL yesterday and love it. Thank you for sharing all the historic info too. I am shocked about the bunnies. I also love them and have bunnies all around my home and outside. We have real bunnies too and Miss B's little friends still come to the windows looking for her. It is a comfort to see them.
    Thank you for sharing the inspiration. Coming to visit is always uplifting. Stay warm as you create for springtime and your favorite holiday.

  7. Such a lovely, heartfelt post. Well done.