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Hello! Welcome to my "new" blog! I figured, since I have changed the name of my blog, I needed to change my blog's URL too! Bunny Rose Cottage is a part of my past. A very good part. I had so many wonderful memories in that home and in that part of my life. But my life has changed, a lot. And it is time to change my blog address too, not just the name :) Thank you so much for finding me here. I hope you will continue to follow my journey, here on this blog. I love all of my followers and I don't wamt tp lose any of you :) I merged all of the posts from my other blog to this one, so it is basically the same blog but with a different web address :) Love to you all and again, thank you!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

inspiration through the winter part 1...

Today is the coldest day in Michigan so far this winter.  Actually, it is the coldest day we have seen in many many years!  Minus nine degrees with a wind chill of minus 25.  But at least the sun is shining bright!  The kids are home from school again today.  They have never had this many snow days!

Since I cant make winter go away, I find inspiration in my home to get through the cold days.  The desk in my sitting room seems to be a favorite place for me to hang out and get lost in inspiring projects, magazines and thoughts.  My desk is the place that holds my favorite reading items and light crafting supplies.  I don't do heavy crafting there because I make such a mess!  But I lay out my items, write down what I want to do, etc..

Right now, the January issue of JDA Living is sitting there opened to the page shown above.  Though January doesn't scream spring (lol) the page above is a beautiful piece about spring and getting through the winter.  Just beautiful and I love to read it from time to time.
I mentioned in my last post about a gift I bought for myself.  A beautiful original painting by Kerrie of Sea Cottage.  Everything arrived so beautifully wrapped!
Isn't this beautiful??  I had admired this in Kerrie's shoppe since last summer!  It is called Wildflowers.  It spoke to me and really tugged at my heartstrings.  The simplicity of wildflowers, just so beautiful and unassuming.  They will always have a special place in my heart.  I am so glad I purchased this painting!!  It is even more beautiful in person. The canvas is thick and even the sides are painted!  I have it propped up on my desk for reassurance of warmer days to come.
I also purchased the roses sign.  It is so perfect!  Kerrie is beyond talented, check out her blog and shoppe if you haven't yet!
A pretty, tiny cupcake stand with a spring scene sits on the desk....
holding a little vase of bright pink blooms...
The serene aqua, whites and greys with a pop of pink makes my heart sing!  The colors in this room rejuvenate me.  It's like caffeine :)
A few pretty item laid out for some spring crafts that I am working on...
I broke this post down in to a few so I will share more next time :)
I don't know if you noticed but in my blog header, I added the text, "My home, my soft place to fall".  It better describes the feel of my blog going forward.  Our home should always be our soft place to fall,  No matter how big or how small.
I hope you all have a wonderful week!!
XO, Amy



  1. Hi honey bunny... I noticed your new header right away!... yes, our homes and blogs need to be our soft places to fall... and I feel so welcome and cosy when I visit yours... love that JDA Living photo... and your wildflower painting by Kerrie is soooo gorgeous!... that along with your Roses sign just make my heart sing... I ordered a bluebird painting and a nature sign from her too... she is a fabulous artist and so sweet of a lady!...your mini cupcake stand looks beautiful with the aqua vase full of pink fleurs... oooh... I am so thinking Spring right this minute!... your post is such a happy one!... hope things warm up for you soon... it is bitter bitter cold here again as well... seems like the whole country is frozen!... but it's so nice to sit at our desks and read, craft... or daydream... enjoy your quiet time doing all these things... I can't wait to see what you are crafting out of those supplies?... love you!... xoxo Julie

    1. Thank you sweetie pie :) I am actually going to be working on some eggs with my supplies! I know, I made a ton last season, lol. But these are larger, you can open them to put candy etc in. I may sell some of give some away, not sure yet. But I cant wait to get started on them! I found some pretty tulips at the grocery store today in the cutest little basket planter thing. They make me smile on this ice cold evening :)
      XO, Amy

  2. Yep-love the new header- It is so true! Love this blog with so many pretty photos today. I love your roses sign,,ktoo. Your post makes me smile and think of Spring. Our weather here in Wisconsin is a LOT like yours- xo Diana

  3. So pretty. You make it look like springtime! Great choice on your painting.

  4. You are sooooo sweet to share your paintings from my shop...thank you so much! It makes my heart sing to know that they are cherished and they look so pretty in your home. I did not get the JDL February issue...did you? Let me know how you like it, if you did. I try not to buy every issue....which is hard!!!!! It is my favorite magazine.

    I cannot imagine the cold winter you are going through. We are experiencing the warmest winter I can ever remember...just this weekend our stroll in the park felt like it was a June evening. But sheer grey clouds have arrived with possible chance of rain this week! We really need some rain and snow to get us through the extreme heat of summer.

    Wishing you and your children a sweet snow day together. xxo Kerrie

    1. Kerrie, you are an amazing artist and I am so in love with your soothing style and color palette! Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent for writing, decorating and painting with us!
      I generally don't buy the February issue of JDA because it is the bath issue. The bathrooms in my house are horrible and I cant even pull inspiration from the magazine to help this mess, lol. It just ends up making me jealous, lol! Plus, I don't need every issue either. I cannot wait for the March and April issues!! My favorites!!
      XO, Amy

  5. Ooohhh Amy,
    Everything looks soooo pretty .... I can't even imagine the cold like that .... has been sooo warm here, all my plants and flowers are blooming .... they think that it is SPRING !!! I have tons of PINK jasmine, and it is just flowering open everywhere.... the smell is just sooo pretty !! I keep trimming it and cutting roses to bring inside !! Just picked up my February issue of JDL at my friends store !! Can't wait to thumb through it tonite !! And the smell of that book, is just soooo FUN !! I'm crazy huh ?!
    I did receive my package from Kerrie and I am in LOVE with her work also !! My pretty PINK hearts, the love tags, and my pretty rose painted card ... just beautiful !! Everything comes wrapped sooo pretty !!
    Well my sweets, thanks for sharing your pretty, soft spot ... very lovely, and soooo you !! We all need our little place to fall !! Love that saying too ... Have a restful evening, stay warm and bundle up with each other .....
    Love and warm hugs ~Tanza~ xoxo

  6. Thank you all so much! I am really trying to embrace positivity through the cold months and focus on my family and things that make me happy. It is hard but I am trying to make 2014 a year of change! So glad you all come and visit me! You help me get through these days!
    Xo, Amy

  7. Hi my, what an inspiring post. Everything is lovely and perfect to help spring along. I love your cake stand and the roses sign is precious from your talented friend.
    Those pretty flowers just bring a smile for warmer days. I am still waiting for my JDA issue to arrive. I know how cold and snowy it is in Michigan. Family keeps us informed and it's been the worst but you make it special with your inspiration for the season to come. Thank you for sharing your heart through the pretties in your home. Have fun creating. Looks like something gorgeous on the way.
    Stay warm.
    Love and Blessings~

  8. A soft place to Fall!!!!! I love it Amy! :-)
    I always refer to our home as a HUG!
    Whenever I walk in the door from being away it feels like a HUG..... so warm and welcoming!
    A warm place to be.
    I love your friends art work, its very you! {it makes me smile}
    Stay warm dear friend,

  9. What beautiful treasures from Kerrie, Amy! Isn't she an amazing artist? That little blue flower painting is just so sweet. A breath of spring! :) Speaking of can't come too soon for me! lol

    oxo laurie

  10. Good morning Amy. I am so glad that this little gift is coming your way. I was wondering if you want another grey heart or a pale pink? I already have your shipping addie so I will put it in the postal as soon as you let me know. xxo Kerrie